We live in a digital age. Technology is an essential part of our lives. Most of us spend the better part of our days on the phone and/or staring at a computer screen. As we venture further and further into the world of technological advances, we’re conversely seeing a retreat to the natural world within our homes. One of the most predominant trends in 2019 is a greater interest in the relationship between humankind and nature. Here are a few ideas for bringing nature & organically-inspired elements into your home.

OPT FOR AN ORGANIC COLOR PALETTE: Layering a light and a dark color will automatically give the room depth. Consider using neutrals like ivory with rich colors inspired by nature such as a blues and greens. Use darker color values for the floor, medium color values for the walls and the lightest color values for the ceiling. By doing so, you replicate the outside world – with the earth itself being dark below our feet, medium-values being at eye level in the form of trees and buildings and the lightest value being the sky above us.

FRESHEN UP WITH PLANTS, ART & DECOR: The most literal way to bring nature indoors is to fill your interior living space with plants. You can also use artwork and decor to echo the outdoors. Opt for nature prints from photographers or paintings done by artists of your favorite places to visit. Choose pieces that predominantly use earth tones. Select furnishings and decor that pull these colors together and harmonize your spaces. 

USE ORGANIC MATERIALS: Natural, organic materials remind us of the outside world and bring the vibrant life of the outdoors inside. Choose elements that incorporate your style. Wide pine floors exude authenticity while dark mahogany floors offer a sophisticated flair. A rugged rock fireplace with give off rustic vibes while a Carrara marble fireplace will provide a more traditional look.