Open floor plans have proved themselves to be a lasting trend. Their benefits include helping spaces to feel bigger, allowing more natural light in and making entertaining more fun. Open floor spaces, however, are some of the hardest to decorate. You want to honor each space all the while creating a cohesive feel to your home. Here are some tips to successfully “zone” each space and make your open plan home feel cozy:

CONNECTING COLOR: Perhaps the easiest way to link spaces is to use color. Choose a color scheme and implement it in each room. Use this color palette to link artwork, soft furnishings, window treatments and accessories. Consider swapping out the accent colors in each room to keep things fresh and exciting. 

CHOOSE A FOCAL POINT: Arrange spaces around a focal point – this could a dining room table, coffee table, fireplace, desk etc. Opt for a variety of seating and orient them all towards each other to give the space a more intimate feel.

USE RUGS: Carefully choose rugs to define spaces and create a cozy feel in an otherwise open space. Rugs also help to visually ground the space and define the area’s function or traffic flow. Be sure the rug is large enough that the front two legs of every piece of furniture can rest on the rug. 

MIX UP LIGHTING: Use lighting to create different moods depending on the space’s function. It’s important that a kitchen is well-lit for food preparation while a living room can be softly-lit for a cozier feel. Use multiple light sources to make a large room feel warm and inviting. Consider adding dimmers so you can control the mood – whether it’s game night or movie night. 

SOFTEN THE LOOK: Break up the look of a big space with plants, artwork, and accessories. Create places of visual interest throughout so you don’t feel as though you’re staring at one large, barren area. A plant in a sun-filled corner and cushions carefully arranged on the sofa will do wonders. Opt for floor-length curtains – they make a room look more elegant and furnished. The folds of the fabric will also absorb sound and the lengthy nature of the drapery will help to make the walls feel taller.