DECLUTTER: While this may seem counter-intuitive, spaces, no matter how big or small, are always well-organized in a luxury hotel or home. You’ll find everything has a place. Every room is organized into areas with a purpose and use. There are breakfast nooks for morning coffee and quiet corners with quaint chairs to curl up with a good book. Use baskets and decorative bowls to hide clutter. If you’re cramped for space, consider using simple tricks of the eye to make it appear as though you’re not. For example, rather than pushing a chair against the wall, consider pulling it forward just a little bit. This gives the impression that there is space for that chair and it didn’t have to be crammed against the edges of the room to make it fit.

DECOR: Layer your furniture and decor to create an extravagant feel to your home. Dress floors up with area rugs, give sofas and chairs a finished look with throw pillows and blankets and complete your dining room table with a vase of fresh flowers. Hanging artwork is another great way to instantly give your space a more luxurious feel. Remember, there’s a fine line between bare and excessive. You’ll be able to feel when the scales begin to tip from adding value and charm to unnecessarily accessorizing.

MASTER SUITE: If you’ve got the budget, a bigger bathroom will always make a master suite feel more luxurious. Consider expanding your ensuite bath – even if this means having a slightly smaller master bedroom. If you don’t have an ensuite bath, think about adding an attached dressing room. For many of us, having a spacious closet makes us feel as if though we’ve made it. Imagine having your clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, etc. all stored in one place, nicely organized, in a space designed specifically for that purpose. Closets can take up less space than we might have previously imagined. If you’re dreaming about adding an attached dressing room but your bedroom is small as is and/or you don’t have room to borrow from an adjacent room, consider constructing a partition wall to store your clothes and shoes behind.