Mustard yellow isn’t new to the scene. The first recorded use of mustard as a color name in England was in 1886. Since then, we’ve seen it permeate everywhere from the catwalk to cushions. It’s a color beloved by many but incorporated by few. The biggest reason? Most people aren’t sure how. Here are our top tips for brightening up your home with mustard yellow:

AS AN ACCENT COLOR: Most commonly, mustard is used as an accent color. While yellow walls bring a sense of cheer, they also tend to make our complexions look sallow. If you’re thinking about incorporating mustard yellow into your home, consider pulling it in with a few pieces of decor rather than painting your whole room mustard. Sofas, arm chairs and throw pillows are all great ways to bring this vibrant color into your home.

TONE IT DOWN: Mustard adds warmth without being too loud or bright. Want to incorporate mustard subtly in your home? In many ways, mustard can be treated as a neutral while still adding a pop of color. Blend mustard with whites, tans and grays to create a clean, classic look.

GO BOLD: Mustard & teal will always pair together beautifully. If you look carefully, you’ll find that the peacock was the first to use these two colors together. Go bold with bright teal walls and a vivid mustard sofa. Round out this color palette with charcoal, blue/gray and light gray for a timeless, modern look.

LAYER IT UP: Mix up the spice palette to season your home with warmth.  Layer up mustard yellow, ochre, burnt orange, cinnamon and spiced pinks to create a cozy, confident space with depth. 

If you love mustard yellow, don’t be afraid to bring it into your home. Whether you’re looking to embolden your living space or just bring small pops of color. This hue is here to stay.