Art gives any room a finished look. It’s the perfect way to tie a room together & allow your personality to shine. Tasked with such important roles, choosing artwork can be challenging. Here are our top tips for choosing artwork for your home:

Never purchase a piece of art just because it matches your decor. You should purchase a piece of art because you love it, it moves you & you want to look at it every single day. The best way to incorporate artwork into your home is to start with a piece you love & use it as a jumping-off point. Pull hues from the piece & incorporate them into the room’s color scheme. You’ll likely find it’s cheaper to change out cushions & curtains than it is to look for artwork that matches your decor.

When it comes to choosing art, bigger is usually better. In fact, choosing art that’s too small is a very common mistake. For example, as a general rule, art above a sofa or bed should be approximately two thirds the width of the piece of furniture in question.

If you have a number of small pieces, try grouping your artwork together. In a gallery wall, several small pieces work together to create one large display. Gallery walls are a very personal & affordable way to build up a collection of art & they work especially well in stairwells. In a small space, however, a gallery wall can make the room appear busy or small.

Display one large piece in a prominent location to make a statement. The space above the sofa or bed & the wall immediately facing the entrance to a room are two of the most dramatic places to hang large pieces. Consider leaving the other walls bare to maximize your statement piece’s impact. Negative space is important. Not every wall needs to be filled with an art piece.

Mix it up. Don’t get hung up on being too “matchy-matchy.” Contrast keeps a room exciting. When you hang the exact same type of art on every wall in every room of your home, your walls can tend to look “boring.” Switch up canvases & framed art. Incorporate art from different eras. Mix colors & themes. 

Whether original or mass-produced, expensive or cheap, buy art you love. Original artwork is a great way to add something unique to your home but it can be very expensive. Ultimately, your happiness matters most. Art collections take time. Yours will likely ebb & flow as your budget & style changes & as you receive & give pieces away. Take your time & enjoy the process!