The ability of perennials to produce beautiful flowers year-after-year without much help from us is what makes them so popular amongst gardeners. Just like any other plants, different perennials have different sun exposure requirements. If you’re looking for perennials for your full sun garden, consider the following:

Daylillies are often called the perfect perennial because of their bold flowers, wide array of colors, drought tolerance, heat stress immunity, ability to grow in most hardiness zones & low maintenance.

Lavender is delightfully fragrant & has a long flowering season, from late spring to late summer. It’s is a hardy plant that acts as a natural bug repellent & doesn’t require a lot of care once it’s established.

Irises are beautiful flowers with a long flowering season. They’re also easy to grow & low maintenance. They come in a wide variety of colors including: blue, purple, red/violet, or yellow.

Peonies are a classic perennial plant beloved for their abundant blooms & delightful fragrance. Virtually carefree once established, they live for generations, are deer proof & produce beautiful fresh cut flowers.

Poppies are highlights of any garden, blooming from from late spring to early summer. They have big, silk-satin flowers in shades of red, orange, white or pink. The seedpods that follow the flowers can also be used in dried flower arrangements or left in the garden for visual interest.

Coneflowers are simple to grow & boast brightly colored flowers. Loved by butterflies, birds & bees, they have a long flowering season & are tolerant to almost everything.

Echinops add contrast, interest & color to any summer garden. Blooming from midsummer to early fall, these low maintenance plants are bold & ornamental with blue or pristine white, global shaped flowers.

Beach Roses are fast-growing & spread quickly. They are covered with pink or white flowers, thrive in almost all soil types & once planted require very little attention.

Speedwell are low maintenance plants that bring vertical lines & butterflies to the landscape. Their flowers come in shades of white, pink, purple or violet.